Letters from Santa


We heard your feedback and this year each envelope will be ready for you to seal upon arrival, so you can triple check those details. As you know, Santa has a lot of help, but sometimes he misses a thing or two (the Elves catch most of his mistakes, don't tell). 

The envelopes are *discreetly* shipped to parents (or available for pick up in Denver) for handing out at their discretion. Maybe the letter will be delivered with the regular mail in early December or maybe it will appear in the tree branches on Christmas morning! It’s completely up to you to decide how you’d like to sprinkle on the Christmas magic, we are just honored and excited to help you spread a little holiday cheer!

It’s that time of year again! Our Letters from Santa are ready for stockings all around the world, and this year, we worked closely with Mr. Claus to bring you the most magical Letters ever! 

Each letter is customized to each recipient, proofed and signed by Santa himself. He works with Rudolph to make sure each letter is accompanied by a customized Nice List with letterpress and gold foil details. 

Rudolph has also worked with his team to upgrade the packaging to include a gold foiled pocket with a tassel, which is nestled inside a large velvet envelope. 

it's the most magical time of the year! 

Two (2) die cut gift tags per child that say "from Santa" that you can use on gifts or stockings! They match the style of the letters, so you can keep the magic going! 

Gift tags

An 8.5x11” letter, personalized with the child’s details typed up on St. Nick’s personal letterhead and signed in gold ink by the big man himself. 

Customized Letter

A certificate made out to them congratulating them on making it onto the Nice List this year that includes the official seal of Santa, embossed right into the paper. Signed by Santa and Rudolph! 

Nice List Certificate

What's included

This year we have some amazing gifts for the kids AND the parents! 

A sticker sheet with one-of-a-kind designs, for them to show proudly throughout the season (or to stick on the fridge, you know how kids and stickers are).


5-7 stickers for gifts and cards, and two (2) wax seal stickers for you to use on anything you’d like. You can keep some for yourself, we won’t tell.

Stickers for you too!

Each child receives:

Parents, You get:

We will mail the letters directly to YOU, the parent. It will be wrapped up so there's no worry of prying eyes. If you live in the Denver metro area, there is an option for local pickup!

Discreet Packaging & local pickup

all letters come in a gold foiled pocket (so official) nestled in a soft velvet envelope, with instructions on how to seal the envelope with the official seal of the north pole.

or adult

Printed on super thick luxe paper with letterpress details. St. Nick makes sure he includes their name on every ornament, penned in his magical gold ink.

Paper Ornaments


Each ornament includes their name in gold, the year, and a hook to hang it with.

Metallic marble acrylic ornament signed by St. Nick. Nice and durable, with just enough sparkle! 

Acrylic Ornaments

Straight from our North Pole Print Studio (NPPS for short) wrapping paper and tissue bundles that are sure to pass any test of a "true believer". 

Wrapping Paper & Tissue

To bring it all full circle, we have Letters TO Santa kits that make it easy for those wish lists to get to the North Pole. Don't forget that thank you note. St. Nick needs something to cover his cookie fridge with.

Letters *TO* santa & thank you notes

coming soon!

Two ways to Customize

Standard & Semi-custom

Get your notepads ready, think of their achievements, challenges, and anyone they were nice to this year. 

We will send you a customization form after checkout, so you can fill it out without the risk of curious eyes. 

Standard / Baby

Perfect if you want to provide specific details like achievements, challenges, people they were nice to, and other details! 


🎅 You will receive a customization form that includes  multiple questions about specific details for each child.
🎅 Pick from one-, two-, three- or four-pack 
🎅 When ordering a two-, three- or four-pack, each letter is slightly different so each child is getting a unique letter
🎅 Each letter comes with a Nice List, gold foiled pocket, and stickers

super popular!


Purchase noW ➝


Purchase noW ➝

A great option if you don't know their specific achievements.

🎅 You will receive a customization form that includes customization for their name, age and gender
🎅 *New this year* Pick from one-, two-, three- or four-pack 
🎅 When ordering a two-, three- or four-pack, each letter is slightly different so each child is getting a unique letter
🎅 Each letter comes with a Nice List, gold foiled pocket, and stickers

Visit Santa's Shoppe

Need some help with keeping the magic alive for your "true believer"? Don't worry, we gotchu! Visit Santa's Shoppe for all our Ala Carte holiday items. We'll make sure they all arrive in the St. Nick of time!


On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen, it's time to... 

Sounds good! Let's chat! email us at santa@knappdesignco.com and we'll make sure to get them answered before you can say "Santa's coming to town".

I have a lot of questions... help.

Of course! We'd love to send a Letter from Santa to anyone! Just include their shipping address when checking out, and we'll make sure to send it their way. You might want to give them a heads up though - since we aren't including a packing slip or anything else in the package, besides the goodies.

Can I order these as a gift?

Yes! This year we are offering local pick up for those who live in the Denver, Metro area. You can select to pick your letter up from our new studio in the River North Art District in Denver. Select local pickup at checkout and you will receive a notification when it's ready for pickup.

Can I pick them up?

We have refined our process and will be able to get your letters out to you sooner than we were able to last year! Our workshop has been FILLED with envelopes and stickers since September, so we are prepared!  It depends on when you fill out your form. We will begin shipping letters out within 3-5 days after you submit your form, starting November 7th, 2023.

Letters will not ship before November 7th, 2023.

When will they ship?

At checkout you will be able to select your own shipping method (UPS, or USPS depending on your address). We will be sending them to you in a recycled cardboard mailer. The outside packaging will be discreet - just a small sticker that says "thank you" and a shipping label. ALL letters that you order will be sent at the same time, in the same package. 

How are you mailing them to me?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Semi-custom and Standard?

Semi-custom includes a questionnaire with a bunch of questions about their specific achievements, challenges, who they were nice to, and a handful of other details. We use that information to build a unique letter that is made for each recipient! 

The Standard Letter includes customizations like name, age, and gender, but does not include the specific customizations, rather a more generic congratulations. 

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