We like to say that your big day “starts with the invitation” but our process starts with our inquiry form. It’s our first step together, our first glimpse into your love story and the dreams you might already have about what your big day will look like! Tell us what you need, what would be nice, and what would be a dream-come-true! 

 Let's Get started


Our Process 

After we review your inquiry we will create a custom proposal that includes rough estimates for everything you’re interested in, all of which is adjustable throughout our creative journey together. After you review the proposal with your partner, set up a consultation call to answer any questions you have and discuss any design inspiration.



Once you’ve signed your contract and made your initial 50% retainer payment, you’re officially part of the Knapp Design Co. family! We start brainstorming how we can best represent your story on paper. Show us your inspiration, favorite pastimes, places you love to travel. Let’s see that Pinterest board, Instagram post, or even magazine clippings! (We’ll pretend that doesn’t make us sound old.)



We proudly offer unlimited design rounds because we want you to feel confident that we haven’t overlooked a single detail! You will receive high-res digital mockups to review and provide feedback. This is where all the fun happens and where we work together to perfectly put down on paper your vision for your big day!

Design Rounds


Ok. Everything looks perfect, you officially sign off on the designs, and we get to work printing your final invitations. We put on our white gloves and take care of all the envelope addressing, assembly, stamping, and envelope sealing. We even drive them over to our friends at the post office and send them on their way!



Get ready for the messages to flood in from your guests saying how much they loved receiving their invitation! These invitations will be set on the mantle, stuck to the fridge, spared from the trash bin. They’ll be the kind of happy mail your guests will talk about for years to come.



We take great pride in our design process. So much so in fact, that we don’t put any limits on our design rounds! 

Unlimited design rounds

What's Included?

We like to keep a close eye on our envelope printing to make sure things like alignment and spacing is just right and we triple check each address to make sure they're correct.

Complimentary envelope addressing

Applying wax seals, tying ribbons, lining envelopes, we do it all. We also number each of your RSVP cards so it's easy to track in your spreadsheet.

Assembly & RSVP Tracking

That thing that you hate? We love!
We arrange your invitations and accompanying cards perfectly before stuffing, so your guests open an organized, aesthetically pleasing little package.

Envelope stuffing & sealing

We go to the post office to check weights on your suite and make sure we have the right amount of postage, and then the stamps are carefully applied to each envelope.


We’re basically best friends with the postal workers here. We’re there at least three times a week.


A few for you and one for each set of parents. You know they’ll want one that didn’t go through the mail!

Keepsake invitations

 One for your photographer & one for your planner that has fake addresses on them so you can get the beautiful keepsake photo and still protect yourself and your guests' identity.

Dummy invitations

...and a new best friend. Seriously, we are really excited about your wedding. Like, really excited.

A lot of excitement...

Our Studio

Our studio is located in the River North (RiNo) Art District. Our studio is housed in the former Denver Yellow Cab Central Depot which has been revitalized and is now part of the TAXI Campus. We love it, it's gritty, artsy, and full of natural light. Our space is big enough to hold our printing press, our paper cutter, and ample room for large assembly projects and happy hours. We'd love to have you over for a glass of bubbly soon! 

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